Specialist training; Floor care for your bathhouse

One working day: analysis and evaluation of method, chemicals and results as well as follow-up lecture containing practical part.

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A microbial challenge

Why is it not clean and why are the floors slippery? What is cinema, is it bad and how do you prevent it? Why is maintenance in a swimming pool vital and why do some methods work better than others? What is really true when it comes to sellers' promises of miracle cures that will produce results that sound unlikely? Keeping bathhouses and spas clean is a microbiological challenge. We help your staff understand the importance of their work and give them the tools to quickly identify problems and fix them. A non-prestigious and easy-to-understand course that increases the knowledge of your staff and the safety of your environment without being tied to any individual supplier of chemicals.

Program and syllabus

Morning : 09.00 - 12.00

  • An hour-long review of your cleaning methods and chemicals together with your janitors

  • Mapping of available products and how they are used

  • Then we investigate possible improvements

  • Goes through available products at your supplier

  • Preparing for the afternoon training.

Afternoon lecture: 13.00 to 14.45 - 2 x 45 minutes

  • The importance of the janitor for good safety and hygiene

  • The zinner circle

  • The three-step method for bathing facilities

  • Practical cleaning methods - what works where?

  • The difficult conflict between floor chemistry and bathing water - How do we handle it?

  • Effective cleaning methods for each surface

  • Cleaning chemistry and chlorine in various forms

  • Trichloramines - what are they, how does it affect us and can we minimize them?

  • ph knowledge

  • Microbiology that everyone understands

Practical part: 15.00 - 16.30

  • Test of the effectiveness of different cleaning methods

  • Evaluation of detergents

After the training

  • Diploma to the participants for completed training.

  • Adapted guide in laminated A3 with cleaning routines and chemicals related to floor care in your facility (sent)


Cleaner premises and more committed employees. After completing the course, the participant must possess knowledge to understand the chemical content of each product and what benefit it does for the cleaning of your premises.


We are not affiliated with any manufacturer of cleaning chemicals and will not propose any changes to the supplier. If we identify opportunities to strengthen your routines, we will suggest these in general terms that are not linked to any specific supplier of cleaning chemicals. If suitable products are in your existing supplier's product range, these will be identified and suggested as an example of products that can be used to better achieve the desired result.


Start-up fee SEK 24,900 for 1-5 participants in addition SEK 1,990 per additional participant.

All prices are excluding VAT.