The floor of Höör's new spa has been fitted with a neck-protective floor layer in the form of a kind of water-based glue. Photo: josefine widell hultgren


Published 16/3 21:00

Anti-slip at spa after incidents

Tobias Lagerholm, 0704-142503


HÖÖR Since the floor in the spa department was perceived as lame by both visitors and staff, the management at Höörs Gästis acted.
A specially developed slip protection has resulted in a safer working environment.

Slipping and falling accidents are described as a major societal problem. According to statistics from the National Board of Health, more than 1,500 people were killed, while almost 70,000 were injured in slipping and fall accidents in 2018.
Since Höörs Gästis opened its spa in the winter of 2018, there has been a problem with the floor in the spa department becoming slippery.
This is stated by Wilhelm Warnander, CEO of Spray and Stay Scandinavia or Warnander Trade AB, which the company is really called.

- Höörs Gästgivaregård has had problems with slip incidents that have been tried in various ways, says Wilhelm Warnander.

According to SkD's experience, the staff has been concerned about the situation and the owner Lars Göran Håkansson has said that something must be done.
- We talk to bathhouses after bathhouses that tell about major problems with slipping visitors. I would say that this is a huge problem in society, says Wilhelm Warnander.

According to Wilhelm Warnander, the anti-slip protection used on Gästis is free of toxins. It is a water-based adhesive with titanium molecules that you attach to the floor covering. This in turn will give a strong grip when the floors get wet.

The head of Höör's Guest House, Ida Maran, is pleased with the change.
- We got a visit from the company in question and they did a small surface test. We thought it made a big difference and then our owner decided to run this product, says Ida Maran.

How extensive have the problems been with people slipping into your spa?

- There have been some older visitors who have stumbled on and some have slipped. It's not been like pouring soap on the floor but now it's clearly better than before, says Ida Maran.

How much has the slip protection cost?

- Not so much when compared to what the spa cost to build, says Ida Maran.

Last year, Höörs Gästis decided to close the hotel on Sundays to Tuesdays. Partly because the occupancy has been lower these days and partly because of being able to have a good staff force the remaining days when the hotel is open.
The spa area has increased hotel occupancy.
- The occupancy on weekends has increased by 34 percent and there are several weekends that the hotel has been fully booked, says Ida Maran.