Press release from Spray & Stay Scandinavia
Launches new protection against major and serious public health problems.

”- Our zero vision is that no one should have to slip - falling can change your whole life! "

Four Gardens Spa in Malmö is very pleased with the new fantastic slipcover. In Sweden, about 70,000 people per year are injured so badly in case of accidents that they may be admitted to hospital. Tests show that with slip protection that has the right coating for the specific purpose, the number of slip accidents can be reduced from one in 20 to one in a million - numbers that speak their clear language.

New invisible eco-friendly anti-slip flooring is launched in Sweden by Spray & Stay Scandinavia

Four Gardens is an oasis and meeting place with the little extras where everyone is welcome. In the middle of the spectacular environment around the limestone quarry there is a fantastic spa, which now becomes one of the very first in Scandinavia to install total protection against slippery floors in its Spa.

"We share the zero vision" that no one should be injured on slippery floors "and decided to try a new high-tech and environmentally friendly nano-protection against slippery floors on the surfaces of our spa where we felt that the floors could be slippery," says Head of Operations Janos Rodjikov

Spa, massage and Afternoon Tea Four Gardens spa

In the Four Gardens Mat & Bar

“We decided to install the anti-slip protection throughout our spa, to make our guests' spa experience even better, by creating a non-slip and non-slip stone floor,” concludes Janos Rodjikov. "We are very pleased with the result" no one should have to slip.

More about Four Gardens Spa in Malmö

The Four Gardens spa is the region's only day spa and here is everything from

skin care treatments, massages, beauty treatments and foot care performed by

well-trained therapists, for hairdressers, spas and gyms with personal trainers. Four Gardens Spa is open to the public but there are a limited number of places so booking of space is required in advance.

Four Gardens Food & Bar serves lunch on weekdays. The menu is constantly updated and is based on the best ingredients of the season.

More about Spray & Stay - protection against slippery floors

”- The product is internationally established in some 80 countries. Some of the world's largest hotel chains, such as Hilton and Hyatt, use the concept and, in fact, several of the largest sports and sports facilities in the world, "says Spray & Stay Scandianvia CEO Wilhelm Warnander, who holds the general agency for the product Spray & Stay in Scandinavia. Spray & Stays active substance is titanium dioxide that adheres to the floor at the molecular level, so-called nanotechnology, without any environmental impact.

Over 20 years of combined experience is found in the company's management from corporate leadership roles in the international flooring and stone industry, as well as the hotel and experience industry Spray & Stay is launched in 2020, primarily exclusively selected and market-leading Hotel and Spa facilities, as well as public sports and swimming pools. The goal is to be Scandinavia's leading company that makes floors non-slip

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