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Why Spray & Stay?

Spray & Stay AB's was launched with the aim of offering the market a functional solution as an alternative to the method that has been used for decades to try to reduce the risk of slipping on wet floors, ie to corrode the floor surface with nerve agent.


Is this really a problem?

Annually, 30,000 incidents occur that lead to a person being admitted for intensive care. About 400 people die annually on slippery floors in Sweden. Slipping and falling accidents cost society and companies more than traffic accidents.

With our technology, we make it impossible to slip on wet floors.


What makes us unique?

  • We make it impossible to slip on wet floors!

  • Environmentally friendly technology that works.

  • First on the market to actually solve the problem

  • No competing solutions that pass an environmental audit.

  • Value-based pricing that relates to the customer's benefit and potential profitability improvements.


In our technology and service, there is the potential to greatly reduce the 300 annual fatalities and some of the 80 incidents that lead to a person being hospitalized daily after slipping indoors on a wet floor.



The future seems bright.

  • We build a business around our exclusive right to the technological solution and an added value for the customer that is long-term sustainable and desirable.

  • 20 x effort within 10 years.

  • Take part in a market shift / market revolution with a unique and sustainable solution that is unparalleled.

  • A strong team with diversified experience, as well as an advisory board consisting of experts from Facility Management, flooring industry (Tarkett), manufacturing industry, stone industry and the financial industry.


Pre Series A-round: 3 MSEK

Monday 21 June - we start an investment round for those who want to contribute to an interesting future journey for a unique concept with great future potential in many European markets. This is our first investment round, which makes it possible to welcome committed investors who want to enter at an early stage and contribute with expertise, experience and in-depth insights.